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Student Expectations

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Code of Conduct

The Clark County School District cares about the safety of every child in its care and knows that maximizing safety on all CCSD campuses ensures student success.  Please click the button below to review the Clark County School District Student Code of Conduct.

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Core Values

Boulder City High School’s Core Values, available via the button below, define how everyone will work together to achieve the school’s vision and carry out its mission.

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Dress Code

All students are expected to wear proper attire to school in order to foster an environment that promotes learning. The school administration has the right to designate which types of dress or appearance disrupt or detract from the educational program and may be a potential safety hazard. Please click the button below to review CCSD and Boulder City High School’s Dress Code:

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Mobile Device Policy

At school, it is critical that students only access personal technology and communication devices when allowed and only for the intended purpose(s). Please click the button below to review the guidelines provided by CCSD for the appropriate usage of both District and personal electronic devices along with consequences for violations of the policy.

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Non-Negotiable Expectations

Non-negotiable Expectations are clear and specific expectations for compliance with school policies and procedures that are systemically consistent and protect instructional time. Please review Boulder City High School’s Non-Negotiables Expectations by clicking the button below.

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